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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Perugia - Monday 13....

We were off bright and early to the Airport on our way for a week  in Perguia, Italy.  A last minute decision but managed to book flights and a hotel quite easily so we were off!!

It was quite cool when we left and we got there in reasonable time... all went smoothly.  However, checking in bags was not so good - very very long queues and then some 'person' tried to queue jump... not very nice at all.

Finally boarded but late taking off although we arrived on time... not bad really.

The view from the plane were amazing as usual (pics courtesy of Pete for flight shots)

The Alps

A town.. somewhere

 and as we were descending over Italy, great views of Lago Trasimeno - somewhere we were to visit later in the holiday.

We met a very nice lady on the plane, Robyn, who was going our way into town and suggested we shared a taxi.. great idea and, so in good time, we dumped our bags at the hotel and headed out into the sunshine!

Magnificent views everywhere....
Given we were much lower down than the old town, it was with some relief that immediately outside the hotel were a series of escalators (under cover) that took us up through a building (more of those shots in later blogs) which I think was the old castle, and finally up into the town.

Even walking the view would have been worth the climb!

We also had a very similar view of the church from the hotel

Palazzo dei Priori - magnificent wooden doors..
 The Duomo of San Lorenzo

The Fontana Maggiore

A Chocolate shop... and yes, I was dragged in for a purchase - didn't really want to.... yum yum!!

The Oratorio de San Bernadino

Pete having a break on the wall with a magnificent view moment.

And a Serin... which were to become quite common place of the hols.

Back out in the evening for a meal and a wander... street musician

the evening light was lovely... and so finally the first day ended - and a very good one it was

.... and tomorrow..

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