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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Bushy Park in Springtime!

I wasn't intending to go very far today - had domestic stuff to do.  But as I left the house, I was thinking of a conversation I'd had with Pete last weekend when in Hyde Park, about missing the springtime colour of Richmond and Bushy Parks.  The car picked up on this and before I knew it I was on the road to Bushy Park.

So a very spur of the moment visit in glorious sunshine and it was so warm... I wished I'd had a t-shirt on rather than a jumper.

In the Boating Pond there were hardly any birds apart from the usual suspects.,  A pair of mute swans were nesting on the usual island.

A couple of mallards having a chat as they swan past..

and the usual chase by the males of the female!!

A jackdaw gazed out at the world from its lofty perch..

Red-crested Pochard

A hybrid mallard

This Canada Goose had a cosy nest..

A male Mandarin Duck

with an almost perfect reflection!!

Loads of Parakeets around.. I believe this is a youngster given the shortness of the tail and lack of beak colour.

and finally, a female Mandarin Duck

great impromptu day and very unexpected... :)


oldcrow61 said...

You are further ahead than us over here but we are on the way. There's signs of life everywhere. Your pictures, especially of the birds are stunning as always.

Ragged Robin said...

Lovely photos Tricia. Often trips on the spur of the moment are the best :)

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