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Friday, 31 May 2013

Hatfield Forest in the warm sunshine!

The sun was glorious as I arrived at Hatfield Forest.  Many children about..... so after a bacon buttie I headed off around the lake.

Two Great Crested Grebes were swimming but no sign of a nest.  A common Tern was fishing.

A family of four young Greylags swan close by...

As I walked around the lake a Green Woodpecker posed after, I think, digging in the mud

and high up in the distance, a Chiff Chaff sang.

Not much else about and it was a shortish visit... but really lovely to feel warm in the sun.


Roy Norris said...

Had a chance to read up and enjoy the rest of your Italian trip Tricia.
Its a great place to visit. Lots of things we are not use to like trains being on time and those Scarce Swallowtail are amazing.

Tricia Ryder said...

Roy - trains on time were good; however understanding and finding the right bus was something else!! :)

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