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Thursday, 10 August 2017

A Bumper day.. Hidcote Gardens, Snowshill Manor, Bourton House and Sezincote

For the first time this hols, the rain stayed away and I had some much needed sunshine.. not only better for getting out but lifted my mood considerably.. I'm almost human again .. almost!!!

So I set off this morning to catch upwith plans A, B and C.

First visit was a welcome return to Hidcote Gardens.. just love it here..

Mid morning break

and then on to to the nearby Snowshill Manor - just managed to get in as the parking was quite critical.. in fact when I left they weren't letting anyone else in... car park full!! and so was the tea room

and nearer to where I'm staying and where I'd intended to go on the day of "rain".. is Bourton House & Gardens..  a peaceful small garden.. but interesting!

and literally a couple of miles away is the exotic Sezincote House & Gardens.. I didn't go into the house having done so on previous occasions and I wanted to feel the sun!!

great day out catching up with some old favourites.. and some lovely memories...

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