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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Berkeley Castle and Slimbridge WWT ..

The forecast was for heavy rain today.. the forecast was correct.  So.. change of plans. I decided to go somewhere where I could be inside if necessary and, as Berkeley Castle is somewhere I've never been off I headed. The Castle has been the home of the Berkeleys for 850 year s.  The Family are the only English family still in existence in England that can trace its ancestors fro father to son back to Saxon times

Torrential rain.. have I done the right thing?  Well as I got nearer the rain eased a bit.

So.. there's a Butterfly house at the castle so that was my first place to visit.. they actually breed  flutters here, so it's not just for display.

Then off for a tour round the gardens.. very pretty terraced gardens at the rear of the castle.. this was on the way in..

Billie felt rather at home sitting on a gun... reminded him of home

Billie, Frank and Flynn were there today and enjoying the view.. the rain had eased by now..

and so for a wander around the Castle itself

and down in the depths..

Well decision time.. After a sandwich where to go?  I had wanted to go to some gardens but the weather still wasn't brilliant... so as Slimbridge WWT was on may way back I decided to pay a visit.

I hadn't realised just how large the area was.  Just had a wander through the collection birds and visited a couple of hides.. nothing showing from them.

There were two Mallard ducklings.. rather a late brood

One of the noisiest Greylags I've come across!!

And on the way back.. the sun came out.. briefly. but as I type this the sky is getting very much lighter and the pavements are drying!!!..

Fingers crossed tomorrow I may get to some gardens that are on my agenda!!..

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