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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Sudeley Castle.... revisted.

I set off this morning after the  "Full English" breakfast (back to normality tomorrow!!) with plans of visiting 2 places.

The first of which being Studeley Castle.. I've been before and it's just lovely..
The skies were grey for nearly all the visit ...but nonetheless...

 I visited the Pheasantry which fortunately was open.. it's been closed for a bit as a very large branch fell from this tree (see middle of picture) and..

Landing on this small structure and crushing it..

and now chopped up into more manageable sizes of logs...

On top of one of the cages.. a free bird!!

Just love this view..

At this point the skies got darker and threatening..

Wandering I found one of two Peacocks.. ..

They are currently shedding their beautiful feathers. and there were many lying about on the ground..

And the heavens opened!!.. So I had some lunch.. just a cuppa and a piece of cake as I wasn't that hungry... and off I went to Bourton House... HOWEVER.. as I got there the heavens opened.. and given I would be walking around some (very beautiful) gardens.. I decided there wasn't much benefit in going in this weather!!

Hopefully, will get there before I go home..

1 comment:

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I love drippy wet flowers, and that koi won't be bothered by the weather at all, the big lunker

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