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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Woolbeding - revisited...

I'd attempted a return visit to Woolbeding a few weeks ago but circumstances (won't bore you with the details) prevented me from getting there.

Woolbeding is a beautiful place to visit.. I first went there in August 2012 when Pete had brought it to my attention.. there it was.. virtually on my doorstep and I'd never heard of it..

General Notes:
Woolbeeding dates  from Saxon times and was in the Domesday Book. The glass in the church (see pics later) is 16th century  The house was used by the Spencers to entertain Charles James Fox & Disraeli etc and an attempt was made to get rid of the church as it was too close to the house but the Bishop of Chichester wouldn't allow that. The Neptune fountain is Italian (I'd thought it might be) and is a copy of the original, reputedly by Cellini, which is in the V&A

So I booked my place and today got there.. it was dull, grey, wet at times, and windy all the time.. but Woolbeding is such a charming garden and full of surprises.

Started off by going along the Long Walk passed a field of Herdwick Sheep.. lovely to see them... they are natives of the Lake District... brought back some happy memories..

Given the high winds, I was advised to go along this route initially as, if winds got too strong, they would have to close the route.

Back to the centre for some lunch.. a pleasant scone..

and then a wander through the more formal gardens..

The Neptune Fountain and The fountain was acquired by Lord Robert Spencer from Cowdray House after the fire there in 1793

Despite the weather.. it was lovely to be back there again...

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