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Sunday, 27 August 2017

Pashley Manor - a return visit.

It's a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK.. which has up and down sides.  One of the upsides is that properties and gardens that are not normally open on a Sunday often are when it's a Bank Holiday Sunday.. and today Pashley Manor Gardens was open.. and there was a craft fair.

I'd first been introduced to Pashley Manor back in July 2012 when we'd been staying in Kent for a few days..  It was almost accidental as we'd intended going to Scotney Castle which was closed.... Pashley was nearby.. it's the first time I've been back since.. an oversight!!

" Mr and Mrs James Sellick are the owners and inhabitants of Pashley Manor, a Grade I listed timber-framed house, dating from 1550 and enlarged in 1720. They opened their gardens to the public in 1992, having brought them to their present splendour with the assistance of the eminent landscape architect the late Anthony du Gard Pasley and their team of gardeners, and would be delighted to welcome you here in 2017

The weather was glorious and the gardens - beautiful.. so I just wandered!!

This is on the island in the middle of one of the ponds.. Anne Boleyn - Sculpture by Philip Jackson

Bathtime for Mallards..

and it's time for a cuppa and a scone.. which was very good!!

 and my view whilst eating my scone!!


Ragged Robin said...

Beautiful photos of a very lovely garden. The sculptures are all just amazing :)

Tricia Ryder said...

Thanks RR.. it's a beautiful place to visit..

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