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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Widewater Lagoon & Warnham LNR

Sun was shining this morning... needed food shopping... but before that I headed off to Widewater Lagoon

Quiet which is not surprising given the time of the year.. lotsa House Sparrows about... saw a group of 5 Little Egrets.. plus another couple of isolated ones.  Family of 6 Mute Swans.. 3 Cormorants at one time and various gulls and an 'odd' (I think) duck... see below.

I can only assume this is a hybrid  Mallard?.. there are several on Widewater although none apparent today.. however..

5 swimmers.. they might be a club as all wearing the same swim headgear!!

and then later, onto Warnham LNR - fairly quiet here too.

A very young and tiny Marsh frog.. about 2 inches long!!

The one that got away!!

And adult Marsh Frogs..

Pleasant time out before some basic and boring shopping!!

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