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Monday, 23 June 2008

Another Devon day in sunshine

Yesterday was spent in Dorset and today we visited a Somerset venue - Barrington Court - beautiful gardens and an interesting house. Another lovely day.

On arriving back, although not so sunny now, I decided to take some pics of where we are staying and managed one of the summer flying residents - the swallows. There seem to be two families; I believe there are about 12 in total - they won't stay still long enough for a more exact count!

The view from our balcony and sitting room

Pond in the front garden

Ponds in back garden

Down the side of our "barn"

Across the front pond to our "barn"

The nearest lower window is my bedroom!

The dead branch coming left from the tree is the Swallows
favourite perch

Barrington Court - I like this gate


Pete said...

recognise that place

oldcrow61 said...

What a lovely place you have there. I love that gate as well. Pictures are wonderful.

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