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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

A great day, a great day out and no great journey!

Firstly, and most importantly, I wish my daughter a
VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY with love from Mum xxx.
(and well done on getting 100% in the maths test!)

Today after doing some necessary food shopping we travelled along Devon country lanes for about 6 miles; travelling along Devon's country lanes is quite an experience. The lanes are bordered by high hedges and are very narrow with passing places. The 30 miles-per-hour speed limit signs are, not so much a "don't travel faster than 30 mph", but the taunt of - "can you travel as fast as 30 mph?!!"

We safely reached our destination which was Escot Gardens. Two of the principal attractions being Otters and Birds of Prey. The Birds of Prey are looked after and presented by Face to Face Falconry; an organisation run by two young ladies, Miriam and Michelle. Today Miriam was flying the birds whilst providing some very interesting information about the BOP. Miriam did this all without the aid of a PA system as an electrician was awaited to install the new equipment.

I have to say, that Miriam's talk was one of the most informative and educative that I have yet experienced and our thanks to her for making the two sessions so fascinating.

There were four otters today - Mum aged 11, Dad aged 3 and the two pups who were born in July last year - so about to celebrate their first birthday. They were kept in good roomy and appropriate surroundings and really looked and behaved in a happy otter-like way. Again it was Miriam who talked to us about the otters.

The gardens were small but very pretty and there was a great woodland walk and a boarded wetland walk; but not much in terms of birds about.

The pictures will tell the tale.
Family of four!

Bird of Prey

These are two Tawny Owl chicks - 25 days old and donated
to Face-to-Face by another organisation. The chicks are
being reared by, and live with, Miriam who is "Mum" to the chicks.
They should live to be about 20 years old.

Male Kestral

Barn Owl

Red Kite

White-faced Scops Owl

and... some native birds..
A Young Robin

Pied Wagtail

Not so native Peacock

Young Dunnock


Anonymous said...

fantastic pics, I love the otters and the bird above the Scops Owl - but what is it ? a fishing eagle ?

I love Devon but hate those narrow lanes..maybe retire to Norfolk instead !

Tricia said...

Hi Anon - do you have a name?

Don't know what the bird is but it was a much smaller bird than an eagle - more along the lines of a Kestrel (the picture was taken very close to)

Jan said...

Looks like you had a great day out Tricia, fabulous place and great photos. Love the Scops Owl too, lovely looking bird.

Goosey said...

Hi Tricia, Lovely photos, we too were in Devon yesterday although I haven't blogged about it yet. We went to Branscombe and Otterton and I agree the lanes are quite a challenge! BW Goosey

Liz said...

I thought it was a red kite????

Anyway, lovely photos Tricia, looks like an amazing place to go. Hopefully I'll be back down in devon next year and will get my mum to go there!

Anonymous said...

Red Kite - pale yellow eyes and distinctive head colouring. The bird couldn't have flown Tricia or you would have known it! Deeply forked tail and 5 fingers!

Lovely photos Tricia.


Tricia said...

Liz and C - thanks - Red Kite it is!
Jan and Goosey - thanks for your comments and popping by :)

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