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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Petworth and Warnham... just for a wander

After an excellent weekend... I popped over to Petworth when I got home.. and before it got too busy.. the daffodils and spring flowers were delightfull ..

I stopped for a cuppa and a fruit scone...  the scone was up to the usual high standard for Petworth.. very nice :)

I needed some petrol so before I got to the garage I headed over for a visit to Warnham.

Strange light by then.

Very much a record shot of a Chiffchaff..

Something to do with a trail for children.. :)

And by the usual spot, a wren sang its song for me... delightful...

Record shot of a Grey Wagtail.. often seen here.. the blue netting is new following some building works..

and prospective parents..

and it was a tad warmer today...  :)

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